Who We Are

we are your convenient and confidential, affordable, appropriate and available, simple, safe and secure, easy and efficient access to clinical health information….and care

What We Do

we provide reliable, up-to-date clinical information, education and care to persons less able to access such reliable, up-to-date clinical information, education and care.

How We Do it

through simply purchasing our ‘telephone doctor’ PIN or card from our website by clicking ‘Buy Access PINs’ tag or from our designated local health assistants respectively

Our Beneficiaries

you, your family, your friends, your loved ones, your constituents, your congregation, your staff, your students, your guests, etc

Where We Are Coming From

Where we are coming from -….As of 2015, Internet usage in Nigeria was at 45.1% of the total population.

Where We Are Going To



The place called ‘Universal Health for All’  is our destination


Rapid advancement in telecommunications and health technology and their recent convergence as ‘tele-health’ is leading to the emergence of a new type of care network that has the potentials to support an array of services for health care provision and delivery irrespective of time, space and distance. With  the constant competition for resources in the health sector, ‘Tele-Health’technologies and their applications are intended to improve ‘quantity’and ‘quality’of health care, increase competitiveness within the care industry and reduce overhead costof care acquisition. Nigeria, although at its early stage in Tele-health technology, is actively participating in a number of promising applications covering a spectrum of healthcare processes. Our objective is to provide a snapshot into one of such application; PROJECT ECHOT– Extending Community Health Outcome through Telecom-Technology is a Dial-A-Doc tele-clinical support initiative towards universal health coverage.