Our Operations

Because every population is uniquely constituted, every public health project is uniquely designed too. We can help you build your intervention from the scratch, whether community or environmental, corporate or school – starting with nothing more than a notepad, a pen and a couple of ideas.
We will find the best strategy that works for you, sifting through the good, the bad and everything in between till we get the preferred, the most suitable both in terms of sustainability and budget. From a ‘needs assessment’ to an ‘impact assessment’.
We will be with you all the way.

we learn about you, your proposed project and your target population, collecting key information about your work and that of your competitions.

we devise unique ways to ‘tailor’ your project to  your need, applying all we know and that which we learn to your design in ways that are distinctive to you.

we pass it amongst ourselves – in and out house advisers, critiquing our own work. Then we turn it over to you for your modification vis-a-vis your approval.

we hit the ‘send ’ button, launching our activities in effect, and as determined by the stages involved

we observe, routine check and counter check events as relates to the project. Assessing both intervention and impact periodically.

we originate an effective and reliable two – way feedback mechanism for sending and receiving written accounts of events based on thorough analysis of project in its entirety.

we spread and communicate information and data as regards your project to relevant authorities as perceived to contribute to public good