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What is personal access option? The personal access option allows for individual or group participation, where persons or groups of persons (traditional, political, social or religious leaders/organizations) can purchase our cards for themselves or for other individuals/groups less able to do so. This easily accounts for real grass root participation and optimum community engagement. What is personal access option founded on? While face to face consultation is no doubt the most important patient doctor inter-phase in medical practice, it remains the most resource intensive and is fast becoming the most impracticable mode of clinical health care delivery. The average Nigerian has about a 1:7500 chance of having a face to face consultation with a medical doctor, and this is only valid where such institutionalized care is available. Underpinned by the geometrically increasing number of people requiring health care, at a rate inversely proportional to the number of people delivering same; it only makes more vulnerable, the already under-served population of society. Dial-a-doc-direct will help to address this problem of inequitable distribution of and access to health care by leveraging on the over 150million active GSM subscriptions nationwide. What are the benefits of personal access option? This option is will steer up health conversations within the community, fostering healthful connections at different levels of human relationship. This option recognises our collective social resilience to a reactive health care system, hence the opportunity to call as easily and as early as possible, not necessarily for curative information but also for preventive/proactive discuss towards people empowerment, independence and autonomy. Sharing skills and experiences while more importantly recognising the role of technology as a unifying factor in this new age connecting people to their communities emphasizing our need to care for one another. Who can utilise personal access option? Any persons with a health concern When can personal access option be utilized? Anytime of the day How can personal access option become utilizable? Simply by purchasing our care call cards, calling our access number 09-2745111and entering a valid ten digit PIN  
What is school health access option? The school health access option is the entry level for schools (primary, secondary and tertiary), where students can be availed preventive / curative holistic primary care/health education services within their learning environment. This option promotes a synergy of our health and educational systems to improve the over-allwellbeing of children, adolescents and youths within a normal school setting. What is this school health access option founded on? Most schools do not have any form of health care provision available for their students/staff, making parents (at time, not working) pick up their children (not learning) and teachers(not teaching) abstain from work if they fall ill within the school environment. This absenteeism(s) willnot only affect the children’s education but can be responsible for loss of work time/income for such parent and teachers(s). This is commonly a burden experienced bychildren from the lowest socioeconomic families who may already be, medically under-served, hence double jeopardy. So it is important to note here, that in some of these cases, this maybe the only health care intervention accessible to these children. Dial-a-doc-direct will representa virtual medico-clinical support for such ill schoolchildren and staff alike; support that will be tailored to meet both their physical and mental health needs. What are the benefits of school health access option? Beyond those highlighted above, we will offer lifesaving, acute or chronic, nonemergency interventions to students (and staff) that by nature are prone to communicable infections, accidents and injuries. This will reduce health care costs/travel/time; providing health/healthy options to these groups of impressionable young persons. Who can utilize school health access option? Any person(s) (student/staff, academic/non-academic) found within a school When can school health access option be utilize? Within the regular opening and closing hours/day of the school (recognizing the boarder-ship status of schools offering such service) How can school healthy access option becomeutilizable? Simply by purchasing our bulk access care call cards of negotiable amounts, calling our access number09-2745111 and entering a valid PIN
What is informal workplace health access option? This access option level will provide clinical health services to groups of persons working semi-skilled, semi-organized routines (i.e. in informal work places) such as drivers in motor parks, traders in a market, saloon stylists, tailoring shops, plumbers, electricians, security guards etc. These people can utilize this service to speak with a doctor concerning their health needs from the comfort of their workplace especially as it relates to their general/occupational health. What is informal workplace health access option founded on? Many employees of informal sectors (despite their exposure to the same or worse health hazards associated with their similar work type/demand) do not have health care provision for them as seen in formal sector employment- for example worksite clinic, employee health insurance. Dial a doc direct will offer these services for a stipend contribution from these employees. This option eliminates long distances travel to health centre and waiting time to see a doctor. Trained health coaches will supervise and manage this service at the informal work place. What are the benefits of informal workplace health option? This access option allows not only for care to be give immediately a hazard occurs especially when said intervention is time-dependent, it will also proffer preventive occupational health services beyond a need-to-know basis. Our services are designed to correct for absenteeism from sick leaves/hospital days as care is accessible by employees within the work place without the necessary loss to work hours/income that would prevail otherwise. The dial-a-doc-direct work place access option will promote efficiency and productivity at work. Who can utilize informal workplace health access option? Any persons working a semi-skilled job within a semi-organized routine When can informal workplace health access option be utilized? Within the regular opening and closing hours/days of the workplace How can workplace health access option become utilizable? Simply by collectively purchasing our care call bulk access card, calling our access number 09-2745111 and entering a valid PIN  
What is primary health center access option? The primary health centers (PHCs) access option of this initiative is the health center participatory entry level; where the purchase of bulk access plans by/for PHCs will offer support tele-medico-clinical services in host/surrounding communities as long as residents present themselves in these centers as usual. It will allow for institutionalized participation and uptake of services, helping to organize the already existing health care system for better coordinated/standardized health care delivery. What is primary health center access option founded on? PHCs by legislation are manned by nurse(s) whose level of training/certification is usually directly proportional to the level of urbanization of the community hosting the PHC(s); hence most of the nurses in PHCs in rural areas lack basic nursing training/certification. This coupled with the fact that our illness seeking behavior theorizes that people will more likely consult a medical doctor (than other cadre of health workers) when it comes to issues of their health. Dial-a-doc-direct will provide this medical doctor support conveniently to visitors of PHCs albeit virtually. What are the benefits of primary health center access option? This option beyond points mentioned above will eliminate the numerous challenges of long distance travel, cost and poor road network faced by those living in remote areas in order to access medical doctor delivered healthcare. It will proffer accessible, affordable, timely, quality but more importantly holistic medico-clinical health insights to people living in the most rural areas. Who can utilize primary health center access option? The same people who will usually present in the PHCs but also, those who would otherwise have ‘travelled’ beyond these PHCs in search of medico-clinical services When can primary health center access option be utilize? Within the regular opening to closing hours/day of the PHCs How can primary health center access option become utilizable? Simply by purchasing our bulk access care call cards of negotiable amounts, calling our access number09-2745111 and entering a valid PIN.  
What is hotel/tour site health access option? The hotel/tour sitehealth access option is the entry level for hotel/tourist attraction sites to purchase bulk access to dial-a-doc-direct services to avail their guests/tourists/staff basic medico-clinical health care catering to common health issues as experienced by guests/tourist/staff while temporarily staying or working within the hotel/tour sitesenvironment. What is hotel/tourist sitehealth access option founded on? We provide these services via highly qualified medical doctorstrained in travel medicine (vaccinations and prophylactic care) and basic life support skills as statistics say that one in three tourists will fall ill while away from home and 80% of heart attacks take place in hotels and offices. We will provide supports tailored to common health complaint as like allergies, epidemics for example malaria (foreigners), food poisoning, sudden heart failure, etc. to meet specific physical, behavioural and mental health needs of the our target population. What are the benefits of hotel/tourist site health access option? We will guarantee timely, dependable and convenient clinical care access to people who most likely have taken ill outside the comfort of their own familiar spaces. Managing acute nonlife threatening conditions as discretionally fit with the option of organized system of referral for further care if need be. Who can utilize hotel/tour site health access option? Guests/tourists/hotel stafftemporarily staying or working within the hotel/tour sites environments. When can hotel/tour site health access option be utilized? Anytime, anywhere the service will be readily accessible and available. How can hotel/tour sites health access option become utilizable? By purchasing our care all cards, calling our access number 09-2745111 and entering a valid ten digit PIN.
What is job/creation/economic empowerment access option? This is the entry level for persons seeking jobs/ economic empowerment: to be recruited as care coaches (care salespersons) after undergoing mandatory basic care training especially on quick on the spot population health screening techniques for common health parameters like blood pressure, blood sugar, blood level etc. Care coaches will be able to record/interpret results without acting on same outside a doctor’s discretion. More importantly, care coaches will be trained on care salesmanship, ultimately to earn back a proportion of a total of whatever sales they make or partnership they successfully oversee. What is job/creation/economic empowerment option founded on? This access option is founded on the grave statistics of persons within our societies who are unemployed, underemployed and unemployable in our society today and the resultant economic status quo; purchasing power parity, percentage living below poverty line, household income,crime rate, education and health care access etc. For some this could be the start of a life/career in the healthcare sector. The dire need for job creation/ economic empowerment in today’s world more so for the developing economies cannot be overstated. What are benefits of job creation/economic empowerment option? Job creation/empowerment confers real, tangible, direct and indirect social, psychological and economic (micro/macro) ‘advantages’ not only to the individuals getting the jobs but to members of the families and whole communities in general Who can utilize job/creation/economic empowerment access option? Any persons who is underemployed, unemployed, unemployable, is simply seeking to change job routines or make extra monies When can job/creation/economic empowerment access option be utilized? Anytime, anywhere there is any prospect at creating job or economically empowering people. How can job/creation/economic empowerment option become utilizable? Simply by contacting us on: Tel-081-4444-8888/080-5505-505                                  Email-askdocdirect@phpartner.com/www.phpartner.com/docdirect